REaDAPt Foundations

Research Evaluation

The ReADAPt team consisted of academics from the Universities of Keele, Manchester and Linköping and practitioners working for ARCH (North Staffordshire),  the Directorate General for Gender-Based Violence Prevention (Murcia), The Malta Regional Development and Dialogue Foundation, the Association Du Côté des Femmes de Haute-Garonne and the West Midlands European Centre. The REaADPt team conducted an evaluation of three domestic abuse prevention education programmes: Relationships without Fear (Stoke on Trent, England); Filles et Garçons, en route pour l'Egalité (Toulouse, France), and La Máscara del Amor (Murcia, Spain). Over 2000 young people participated in this evaluation by completing the Attitudes towards Domestic Violence questionnaire (ADV) which was created by Professor Claire Fox and Professor David Gadd. The findings of this evaluation were used to inform a new programme – the REaDAPt Programme. The Maltese Commission on Domestic Violence directed schools in Malta to implement the programme nationwide to ensure the country's compliance with the Istanbul Convention on combating violence against women. 

Research Findings

The research evaluation revealed that young people's attitudes to domestic violence and their willingness to see help could be changed through short educational interventions. It also showed that boys and girls understandings of educational materials sometimes diverged and that lessons learnt need maintaining through follow up interventions once basic programmes have been completed. In our articles we explain the importance of listening to children and being responsive to their own perceptions of what causes domestic violence, especially when engaging with issues of gender, generation and power. We also outline the benefits of bringing external third parties into schools and the necessity of providing the support and stability teachers need in order to be able to deliver domestic abuse prevention education effectively.  The findings of our evaluation studies, together with a discussion of the wider issues they raise for young people, educators and policymakers, can be foun din our free to access articles, below.

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